Default MTU setting for drone-runner-kube


I know that the drone-runner-kube is still in beta, but is it somehow possible to set the MTU value for the docker daemon via an environment variable?

Similar to the docker-drunner via DRONE_RUNNER_NETWORK_OPTS here:

For now we have to set the same mtu value inside the drone/docker plugin settings everytime.
A global setting for the runner would be fantastic :slight_smile:

I would also be happy to contribute and dig a little bit deeper into the code, if someone could point me in the right direction, that would help me already a lot.

are you looking for this?

when you setup the kubernetes runner you can configure global environment variables that are injected into all pipeline steps. You can globally configure the PLUGIN_MTU environment variable, which is the equivalent of automatically adding mtu to your docker plugins steps in the yaml.

@bradrydzewski This is perfect! Didn’t think about this. Thank you very much, that’ll do it :slight_smile: