Dashboards : Snapshot cost unavailable

Dashboards Overview

Harness Dashboards display key metrics and data related to your builds, deployments, security, and cloud costs. Dashboards let you track the health and performance of your deployments, monitor key metrics and KPIs, and quickly identify potential issues. You can customize the dashboards to show specific metrics and data relevant to your needs, and access them from a central location. The Harness Dashboards provide actionable insights into continuous delivery processes, so you can achieve faster and more efficient deployments.

More on dashboards can be referred here : Dashboards Overview | Harness Developer Hub

Problem Statement

We are not able to get cost of AWS snapshots in dashboard the cost appears to be nill.


In the AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR), the costs associated with EBS snapshots are typically billed based on the volume ID rather than the snapshot ID. This is because EBS snapshots are essentially point-in-time backups of EBS volumes, and the cost of creating and storing the snapshot is directly related to the size of the EBS volume it was created from.

So basically if you add a column with accountid, region and snapshot id you won’t get any result, but if you add a column with account id , region and volume id you will get the cost details.

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