Dark mode or custom CSS

I’m honestly surprised no one has mentioned this yes, but I would love to have a dark mode in Drone. This is by no means a priority, just an awesome feature to have.

Alternatively, a custom CSS option would be great too.


It has been mentioned in Github (Dark Mode/Theme · Issue #314 · drone/drone-ui · GitHub), in fact someone even sent a PR (Support an ability to switch the UI to a dark mode by pirsquareff · Pull Request #319 · drone/drone-ui · GitHub). Unfortunately it never got merged, and now with Drone 2.0 I don’t think it ever will.

So it would seem. That’s a shame. Still, I would love to see this implemented in Drone 2.0.

Good news! My pull request has been approved and merged, dark mode support should be included in Drone 2 release soon!