Cron on

I’ve have an hourly cron setup in and it has never started up. I setup the cron job via the GUI (hourly/master) Runs are working when a PR is triggered but not via cron. Am I missing something?

Hi there, cron is disabled on because Bitcoin miners like to try and abuse the service. For cron you would need to run your own installation. Sorry!

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Ha! OK - Thanks.


This seems to still be the case, hence I self hosted an instance.
@bradrydzewski any way we could support the project so cronjobs on the service would be viable again?
Circle having cronjobs in their free-for-foss tier makes is harder to justify using drone for those usecases.

We have no immediate plans to enable cron on Drone Cloud, although we could enable in the future. In the mean time, your best option is to self-host Drone on a small Digital Ocean server. You can install and run Drone on a single server for approximately $15 per month. There is also nothing wrong with using a free hosted service like CircleCI.