Cron cannot see kubernetes secrets

I have some kubernetes secrets setup in the .drone.yml like and the steps reference the secrets in the pipeline.

- name: test-env
    image: alpine
        from_secret: chatchannel
      CUSTOM_ENV: test
      - echo "echo environment variables"
      - echo $CHAT_CHANNEL
      - echo $CUSTOM_ENV

kind: secret
name: chatchannel
  path: secret-path
  name: chatchannel

The pipeline gets triggered by a commit as well as by a cron job which runs nightly - tick
The commit pipeline correctly picks up the kubernetes secrets - tick
The cron pipeline cannot read the values from the 'from_secret" variables - why is that? The commit pipeline and the cron pipeline has the exact same steps. The cron pipeline can get the CUSTOM_ENV value but not the CHAT_CHANNEL value,

How can I get the cron pipeline to successfully read the “from_secret” values? Is this a bug?

Apologies, I have the solution to my issue. My drone-server config had limited events to push and tag. Just had to add the cron event to the allowed list of events.

Just changed
X-Drone-Events: push,tag
X-Drone-Events: push,tag,cron