Creating Views and adding Alerts on OverOps UI

Users can create views on the OverOps UI and optionally create alerts to these views. Alerts are optional because users may want to create views only for tracking purposes and not alert when something is introduced to this particular view.

In the example below, we are going to search for any exceptions that contain the word “illegal”. Afterwards, we click on the Save View button to save this search criteria for future use.

We have provided the title “All Illegal Exceptions” as the name of this View list, then clicked on Next.

If an alert is required, one would select the options necessary to create the alert along with the means of communication to send this alert. Once this is done, click on Save & Finish.

As another option, one may just have no options selected in the same screen as above so that users will not receive alerts but have the view available to be viewed at any time.

Whether or not alerts were setup, one can access the view on the left-hand side, either under the My Views section or the Team Views section, depending on how the user sets these views.

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