Create Workflows\Pipelines using API


I stuck on creation workflows\pipelines for the application using Harness public graphql API. Introspection query (and docs) shows me only types related to creating\updating applications and users. So the question is does such functionality not supported or I poorly searched?
Or probably the single way to create a workflow is to use the same endpoint as web UI using (…) with the proper payload?

Please, can you point me in the right direction?

Hi, with the API today, a user cannot create workflows or pipelines. That needs to be created in the UI or via config as code. We allow for the creation of account level entities by GraphQL like users, user groups, secrets… basically everything around the application. The rest needs to be configured via Git sync or config as code


Thank you, Rohan. Probably config as code can help me. Didn’t hear about it before. Need to dig into it

Check out our docs on It: Configuration as Code Overview - Docs

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Thanks @rohan for the quick reply! @elluvium, can check out this Blog Post also for a few ways to accomplish:

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