Create a Set-based Policy Group

A Set-based Policy Group type addresses the need to create a large number of related Policies in an automated fashion. Some of the important characteristics of this group type are:

  • Given a set of X number of Targets and a set of Y number of Scenarios (scanners), the procedure creates X * Y number of Security Policies, effectively every combination.
  • The resulting Policies cannot be edited individually, except for setting a schedule.
  • Removing Policies and Adding Policies must be done by editing the Policy Group.

To create a Set-based Policy Group:

  1. Go to zn OPS > Policies .
  2. Click +Add Group .
  3. Enter a Name .
  4. For Select Based On , choose “Targets & Scenarios”.
  5. In the Filters section, optionally set Integration Type and Target Name search condition.
  6. In the list of Targets (tab), select desired Targets.
  7. Click on the Scenarios (tab) and select desired Scenarios.
  8. Click Save .

The ZeroNorth platform will now create all of the required Policies in the background. Check the zn OPS > Policies screen in a minute to see the results.