Create a Policy

A Policy brings together exactly one Scenario and one Target. These items will need to be set up prior to creating a Policy.

Activate a Scenario

Suggested reading: What is a Scenario?

Add an Integration and Target

Suggested reading: What is a Target? , What is an Integration?

Create a Policy

Suggested reading: What is a Policy?

Items in bold are required.

  • Navigate to znOPS > Policies > Add Policy.
  • Enter a Name for your policy (see our Policy Name Recommendations).
  • Enter a Description for your policy.
  • Filter Integrations by Type and select a type applicable to the Target you want to scan.
  • Select the Integration you created.
  • Leave Initiate Scans From with default or override.
  • Select the Target you created.
  • Select a Scenario from the list of available Scenarios. This list depends on the Integration type selected previously.
  • Click on Save.
  • Optional
    • Add a Policy Schedule.
    • Add a Policy Webhook.