Control/baseline data is missing for metric which is failing due to custom threshold

In this article I am going to talk about a specific scenario, where you have setup custom threshold for any metric and configured to fail for threshold deviation as per doc: Apply Custom Thresholds to Deployment Verification - Docs

And you see that analysis has marked it as failure and there is no control data present:

Although in api call the control data is present:

 "value" : "{\"status\":\"success\",\"isPartial\":false,\"data\":{\"resultType\":\"matrix\",\"result\":[{\"metric\":{\"pod\":\"harness-hello-world-controlhost-node\"},\"values\":[[1638270180,\"42811392\"],[1638270240,\"42835968\"]]}]}}",

Reason: We do not compare the data against the control data in case of fail fast(custom threshold), that’s why control data is not shown. The control data comes in case of machine learning analysis.

Further reading: You can find more details around basics of Continuous Verification Harness Continuous Verification Demystified | Harness

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