Comparison between Harness SaaS version and Harness on-prem version

Hi Team,

I tried to install harness community edition in my managed cluster and i am getting only “Continuous Delivery” Option.

If I have enterprise version of Harness on-prem , will I get all the options which we are getting in Harness SaaS version?

Please clear my doubt.

Manoj Kumar

Hi @manojku111 yes you will be getting all the options as in SaaS version for the on-prem enterprise version as well.
You could take a look here Self-Managed Enterprise Edition - Docs
As well as our release notes Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition Release Notes - Docs

Thanks Debabrata,

But in the Harness documentation , I have noticed that Cost feature and Feature tag features are not available in Self managed Harness ? is that right or we will get all the features as we are getting in SaaS Harness feature.

@manojku111 yes both Feature Flags and CCM(Work in Progress) are available on-prem and there are some major updates for CCM planned out in upcoming quarters for the on-prem version