Commit message formatting?


First of all, kudos for a kickass piece of software. Recently started using and already loving it!

There’s one issue that I noticed, which I wanted to raise… The commit messages that appear in list of builds for a specific repo/branch, are not (IMO) correctly formatted. The Git style of commit messages is:

Title - Summary of changes

Details, more details, possible issues, updates for the team etc.

In the front-end part of the drone app, the commit messages are displayed as is. HTML ignores newlines anyway, so those become a single space. So the commit message would appear as:

Title - Summary of Changes Details, more details, possible issues, updates fo rthe team etc.
Name pushed to/updated pull-request branch-name

Sometimes, if it’s too long, it’s cut off and trailed by ellipsis.

I am hoping that some of you will agree that the “message” for the build should be just the “title” part of the commit message. i.e.

Title - Summary of Changes
Name pushed to/updated pull-request branch-name

Then, if more is needed, there could be downwards-chevron or something on the right side of the box, that if clicked, makes the div expand (accordion style) and reveal the details part. Also, if it’s not too much to ask, is it possible to Markdown process the details part? Although it’s not necessary since the same in GitHub or even GitLab is just styled as preformatted text, instead of processed Markdown. Regardless of how it’s displayed, I’m hoping that other people will agree that “display only the title part” is a must have.

Thanks for indulging me. :slight_smile:

Bump once to invite discussion.

Bump twice, still no replies. :frowning:

Same frustration. Maybe creating an github issue?

If you would like to see improvements please consider sending a pull request. Opening issues is not super helpful unless someone is committed to doing the work, otherwise the issue just sits around forever.

In this case it would probably also be helpful to see a mockup. I don’t think I entirely understand the problem and what the solution would look like. It is also important that any solution is compatible across providers (GitHub, GitLab, Gogs, Bitbucket, Stash).


Because i’m a new user i need to send another reply with the image where it’s fixed (console edit inside firefox)

This is what we want:

I’m so sorry, I turned off notifications from discourse and completely forgot to follow up on this. It’s been more than a year. On the other hand, I know much about the issue now than I did back when I created this thread.

There is already an open pull request addressing this over at the drone/drone-ui repo on GitHub since Mar 2018. @bradrydzewski please review when you have time. (I didn’t open the PR, just randomly came across it and remembered I once created an issue about this here).

For what it’s worth, @qualityplatforms’s description was ditto what I was trying to say in the original post. Again, sorry about the necromancy, but it’s my fault, I should have followed up.