Command not executed

I’ve been using for a few weeks now. I don’t understand why the second command under ‘commands:’ wont execute.

kind: pipeline
type: docker
name: test

  - name: latest
    image: esphome/esphome:latest
    pull: always
      - mv config/secrets.yaml.example config/secrets.yaml
      - find /config -maxdepth 1 -type f -name '*.yaml' -not -name 'secrets.yaml' -exec esphome '{}' config \;

When i execute this command in the docker container itself with bin/sh it works fine but in the consol log it only shows this below.

3	Status: Image is up to date for esphome/esphome:latest
4	+ mv config/secrets.yaml.example config/secrets.yaml
5	+ find /config -maxdepth 1 -type f -name '*.yaml' -not -name 'secrets.yaml' -exec esphome '{}' config \;

Does anyone know why the command is not executed?

Isn’t it showing it did execute?