Command fails with no output

Hi, I’m using Drone to upload content to a Windows Server (IIS). As a part of this pipeline, I have this commands:

- ssh user@server %SYSTEMROOT%/System32/inetsrv/appcmd.exe STOP APPPOOL DefaultAppPool
- scp -r folder_to_copy user@server:/inetpub/wwwroot/
- ssh user@server %SYSTEMROOT%/System32/inetsrv/appcmd.exe START APPPOOL DefaultAppPool 

Basically, stop the IIS AppPool, copy the new content, start the IIS AppPool.
The STOP and START commands, when executed on a console, response with the same kind of output:

"DefaultAppPool" successfully stopped
"DefaultAppPool" successfully started

But for some reason, the STOP command makes my Drone step fails, while the START command executes with no problem.

My question is, where can I find more detailed logs from Drone to try to understand why this specific command is making the step fail.

The image shows exactly how the step is ending, with no output from the command! (the only difference is I added sshpass to manage the password).

Thanks beforehand