Collecting the Okta SAML metadata file

Problem statement:
When following Harness docs site instructions (Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML | Harness Developer Hub), customers may have questions about how to collect the metadata xml file. Here are steps for doing that. Some customers may inadvertently download the cert file and try to upload that into Harness and receive the below error “Error while creating new SAML Config”.


It is assumed that you have the Okta Harness app setup and that you are trying to set up Okta SAML with Harness. After following the initial steps in the document (mentioned above). Some customers might have questions about how to generate the XML file itself. Steps below highlight that process.

Step 1:

Select View idP Metadata in the Generate New Certifacte Panel.

Step 2:

Doing step 1 will bring up the metadata xml page on the browser. You may want to check for pop up blocker in case this doesn’t happen.


Once the xml file has been generated, you can upload it to Harness and continue with setting up the Okta SAML/ Harness integration.