open source repo activation


I’m attempting to activate a repository on but I’m not seeing the webhook appearing in github.

Any idea what I might be missing? Does it need to have something specific configured before I can active this repo?

I’ve activated other repos in the past without issue.

Any information you can provide would be awesome!


Hey Andy, can you jump into our gitter room? I will ask you to disable / re-enable the repository which should attempt to re-add the hook. I will monitor the logs while you are doing this.

The issue is there is a mismatch in namespaces between drone and github.

Shows: meltwater/aws-xray-lambda-promise-subsegment


My user is a part of an organization as well as having my own public open source projects.

If there is any additional information I can provide, please let me know :slight_smile:

hey, I see both in Drone Cloud:

Wow. that was confusing - apparently it had been forked into the meltwater namespace :man_facepalming:

Sorry for the wild goose chase

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no worries! just glad it is figured out and is not a bug :slight_smile: