build never starts?

Just getting started with and just can’t seem to get it to start builds. The builds just sit there indefinitely waiting to start. No feedback or errors just the spinning hourglass forever (more than a day now). Here’s the build:

Any ideas as to why?

This is because you cannot use exec pipelines on Drone Cloud. There are no exec runners to process your pipeline and as a result, the pipeline sits in a pending state until it is eventually garbage collected.

If you need to use exec pipelines you need to install and run Drone on your own infrastructure. Otherwise if you want to use Drone Cloud you need to switch to docker pipelines.

I guess I missed that note in the docs. It unfortunately limits my use cases significantly. Thanks for the quick response!

exec pipelines run commands directly on the host machine without virtualization or isolation, and are therefore not appropriate for shared environments like Drone Cloud for security reasons. Like Jenkins, you always have the option to install and run Drone on your own servers to support your target use case.

Alternatively docker pipelines execute pipeline steps inside Docker containers and therefore work in a manner very similar to Circle CI (which I noticed you were also using in your project). Anything you can do with Circle CI should also be possible on Drone Cloud using docker pipelines.

Right… But not like TravisCI, or Appveyor, or Asuze Pipelines, or Semaphore, which run in VMs (AFAIK) – All of which I also use in this project. I was hoping you had the more esoteric OS flavors like FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Dragonfly, and Solaris as VMs to try out. But with containers that limits it to just Linux and Windows. Right?

Correct. Drone supports esoteric OS flavors but you would need to install and run Drone on your own servers. Drone was created as an alternative to Jenkins and is therefore optimized for people that want to run the software on their own servers. If you are looking for a Cloud offering with esoteric OS support, Drone Cloud is not going to be the right fit.