Cloud Drone build fails to pull `plugins/base:multiarch` image

Hi, I am exploring plugin development for drone. I’ve the created the project using drone-plugins/boilr-plugin.

I’ve configured the builds at But the builds are failing at linux-* > publish step with following error:

Step 1/8 : FROM plugins/base:mulitarch
77 manifest for plugins/base:mulitarch not found
78 time=“2019-12-27T14:45:37Z” level=fatal msg=“exit status 1”

I checked out drone-plugins/drone-github-release-download, which is also using plugins/base image, and it’s recent build was successful.

Am I missing something here?

the individuals that created and maintain the boilr-plugin repository are not active in discourse, so I recommend messaging them through the gitter plugin channel.

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