Cloud docker Linux AMD64 pending forever

On the cloud, Linux AMD64 docker builds are pending on startup forever (until timeout).

I thought, as mentioned in other postings, it was related to limited resources (as being shared by all users). However, it has been that way for more then a month now…

As nobody else is complaining about that, is it possible that our repo is black-listed somehow:

Could somebody please check/explain?

It is still pending…

Our open source project hasn’t been able to build since May 2022

same here, my oss hasn’t run the full CI for quite a couple of months, not sure if they silently stop supporting entirely

Same here, and it’s not the first time (or 2nd) this happened, my hunch is they stopped supporting drone cloud just without telling people about it, shame too, was my favorite CI/CD tool but given this lack of support I can’t trust harness either so will have to migrate out of both.