[CLOSED] Push docker image to GitHub registry

GitHub shows me I have to use: docker push docker.pkg.github.com/myorganization/myapp/IMAGE_NAME:VERSION to publish an image on GitHub.

Last time I was running my pipeline I got the following error: The push refers to repository [docker.io/myorganization/myapp].

So my question is what part of my config is not corect:

- name: build  
  image: plugins/docker
    repo: myorganization/myapp
    auto_tag: true
    registry: docker.pkg.github.com
      from_secret: NPM_AUTH_TOKEN
    dockerfile: .drone/Dockerfile

you need to use your fully qualified image name

-repo: docker.pkg.github.com/myorganization/myapp/IMAGE_NAME
+repo: docker.pkg.github.com

the repo field is using docker terminology which corresponds to your image name, as opposed to github terminology.

works :slight_smile: just need to fix the credentials

no basic auth credentials

seams like auth token not working :frowning:

Edit: with user/pw it works