Client is newer than server

Hi, I’m trying to get drone running from the docker hub images. With both drone & agent at “latest”, “0.8.1”, or “0.8” I get the following message on my agent:

{"time":"2017-11-02T18:53:14Z","level":"debug","repo":"larktech/restic-sidecar","build":"3","id":"7","error":"Error response from daemon: client is newer than server (client API version: 1.26, server API version: 1.24)","exit_code":1,"message":"updating pipeline status"}

The above was using “drone/agent:0.8” and “drone/drone:0.8” but I got the same message for any of the versions I tried.

Any idea how I can get around this?




Thank you. The gogs documentation is out of date, it has the old syntax.

The DOCKER_API_VERSION variable is only required if you are running an older version of Docker, which is why it is not included in the default Gogs documentation. If you are running Docker 17.X or higher downgrading the docker API protocol is not required (or recommended)