Clean Re-install of On-Prem Backend and Collectors

Purpose : To do a fresh install of the backend/UI server and collectors while retaining current configuration data. MySQL is used and will be reused.

  1. Shut down the collectors (takipi-service).
    This is important as this ensures the agents do not send stale data to the backend: Stop/Start the Java Collector

  2. Shut down the backend/UI (takipi-server)
    See “stop” command: Command Line Arguments for On-Premises Servers

  3. Make a backup copy of /opt/takipi-server/conf to a new location.

  4. Make a backup copy of /opt/takipi-server/bin/

  5. Remove the /opt/takipi-server directory.

  6. Download new takipi-server-java.tar.gz (link should be provided to you by support).

  7. Drop these databases from your MySQL (they will get re-created on new server start-up):

  8. Un-tar takipi-server into /opt (or other custom location)

  9. Copy configuration files from previous installation in step #3

  10. Copy /opt/takipi-server/bin/ backed up from step #4

  11. Restore any file and folder ownership with “chown” (if supposed to run as root or other user)

  12. Start takipi-server with the /opt/takipi-server/bin/ script:

  13. Open the OverOps console with a browser and confirm it is running.

  14. Review the /opt/takipi-server/log/tomcat/tomcat/catalina.log file for any ERR or WARN, or other Exceptions that might indicate any issues at startup.

  15. Request a new license via the /activate URL on the server.

  16. Backup collector config - Make a backup copy of /opt/takipi/

  17. Remove the /opt/takipi directory.

  18. Follow installation steps for on-prem collector package:

  19. Restore the file from step #16

  20. Start the collector(s)

  21. Re-start your applications that already have agents configured.

  22. Confirm in the OverOps console that Applications are being monitored as expected.

  23. Re-create login accounts and invite team members