CI_SYSTEM_LINK variable wrong

I’ve noticed in my builds that the following environment variables are wrong:


They should something along the lines of I’m suspecting that this is because I have the drone web interface behind an nginx proxy, but I’m not positive. Can anyone point me to where those variables are derived from?

Just thought maybe someone else has seen this before, before i go digging around in the codebase…

Thanks in advance!

If you are running drone behind a reverse proxy you should make sure X-Forwarded-For is being set with the correct hostname, as well as X-Forwarded-Proto. Drone will use these variables to figure out its actual url address [1].

We also have a DRONE_HOST field. This field is meant to more explicitly provide drone with the correct hostname. Unfortunately this field is not fully integrated and only used in a few spots, so for now you will need to set both.

Hope that helps!


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Yep, all good now. I suspected it was that, but I think my default nginx config I was using on the previous server must have had that stuff set implicitly.

I configured it on the current nginx and all is good.

Much appreciated for the assistance!