CI SKIP flag not working

When commiting to out bitbucket server repo using the commit message “Release 0.1.3 [CI SKIP]” the drone pipeline still executes. The pipeline is listening on the push trigger but i would assume that it would skip the pipeline from what i have read? Is there anything I am missing?

I am unable to reproduce. We use this functionality in our own builds here without issue and I just tested here and no build was triggered.

Are you using Bitbucket Server (aka Atlassian Stash)?

Thanks. yes we are using Bitbucket Server. Is there any workaround available? It would mean for us not being able to do a release build at all as we would always end up in an infinite loop.

[CI SKIP] is not available when using Bitbucket due to missing information in the Bitbucket webhook. This is something Atlassian would need to fix. In terms of a workaround, I would have to understand more about your pipeline and what you are trying to accomplish to suggest whether or not a workaround exists.