CI Drone 'cannot create or update hook'

Hi everyone. I wanna migrate our CI form Jenkins to CI Drone. So today I’ve installed CI-Drone in the k8s cluster.
I configured the deployment, create an ingress controller, and made authorization with gitlab. The problem is that I can’t enable CI Dron in Repo. (In UI) It shows me all my repos, but when I’m trying to enable Dron CI, I receive the error.
Error: DEBU[0058] api: cannot create or update hook error= name=mavp namespace=request-id=8506088559085ff861b5a90d7a3c0 user.login=
I have admin permissions in Gitlab DEBU[0057] api: access granted admin=true name=mavp namespace=read=true request-id=8506088590d7a3c0 user.login=visibility=private write=true

The question is: This hook will be created in Gitlab? So the Drone URL should be available for Gitlab?

First, double-check you have admin permissions to the repository in gitlab. The admin=true in the logs could indicate you are a Drone admin, and does not necessarily guarantee you have sufficient privileges to add webhooks in gitlab.

Second, you might look at your gitlab server logs to see exactly why the webhook creation fails. This will usually provide a more detailed error message that will help immediately identify the issue.

Third, check to make sure you do not have a reverse proxy that is somehow mutating the request or redirecting the request. If this happens, the POST request gets turned into a GET request which can result in failure.

Finally, I recommend taking a look at some of the existing threads which may help provide some insight. For example, check out Error Activating Gitlab Repository and search the forum for other threads that contain the same error message.

Hi @bradrydzewski. Thanks. I’m full Admin in gitlab, and I created tested Repo for Dron CI.
The application which I created Has access to API. I think the problem with our Firewall and
2. you may not be able to create a webhook if your Drone address is localhost (, etc) or unreachable from your gitlab instance

I will try to update our firewall rules on Monday.

Here’s(Issus2) a summary of this issue, it may help provide some insight.