CI does not start because of invalid refresh_token

we have a drone pipeline setup running with gitbucket cloud for a while now and it was working fine the whole time. Now a member of our team left and his account was removed from our gitbucket-team, only afterwards realizing that the OAuth-consumer was registered under his account.
Now I created a new OAuth-consumer for the team itself, changed the settings for drone, started everything and now I am getting this error:

{ "commit": "...",
"error":"Invalid refresh_token",
"msg":"trigger: cannot find yaml",

I restarted drone several times. No idea what else to do … Can anyone make sense out of this?


When you change the oauth consumer it invalidates all tokens stored in Drone. The individual that originally activated the repository will need to logout / login to Drone which will in turn replace the tokens. If that individual no longer has access to the repository (or to Drone) another user will need to logout / login, and then de-activate / re-activate repositories to accept ownership or run the drone repo chown command from the command line utility.

Ok, thx for your reply!

Can I also just do a full reset of drone? So that I just do a full fresh start? Basically cleaning out the docker volume? Or ist there more to it?

All state is stored in the database. If you are using sqlite3 (the default database) then yes, you could just stop the container, delete the database file on the host, and restart the container.

Yes, that worked. Thanks!