Checkmarx - Activate Scenario

Suggested Reading: What is a Scenario?

Checkmarx is a commercial tool and therefore a valid license is necessary to activate its Scenario.

Tool Specific Permissions

The user account whose credentials to be used must have the following privileges:

  • Server Manager role - Orchestrated scans for any team/project in the Cx server
  • Scanner role - Orchestrated scans for projects within a Team area (the Team is specified when configuring the ZeroNorth Checkmarx scan Policy.)

Activate Checkmarx Scenario

  1. Login to the web UI and then go to zn ADM > Scenarios .
  2. Locate the Checkmarx Scenario tile.
  3. Click on the +Add Scenario button to the bottom right of the tile.
  4. Select Scenario Configuration “checkmarx”.

Items in bold are required.


  • Scenario will become available as a drop down when creating a Policy
  • Scenario Tile will change from “inactive” to “active”

About Checkmarx “Teams”

For ZeroNorth-orchestrated scan, if you are using “Teams” in your Checkmarx to server to organize the various projects, the team information must be specified when creating a ZeroNorth scan Policy. This requirement does not apply to data load Policies.

Example: If you have a team in Checkmarx like “CxServer\SP\MyTeam”, the in the Checkmarx, orchestrated scan Policy, you will need to specify the Team as “CxServer/SP/MyTeam” (forward “/”).