Changing PodSpec of Pods spun up by Kubernetes Runner

Is it possible to to influence the pod specs of the pods that were spun up by the Kubernetes Runner?
For specific reasons we need to change the dnsConfig of Pods that are run in our cluster. At the moment pods are
created with kubernetes defaults so the /etc/resolv.conf in these pods has option ndots:5 set.

By changing the pod specs as following it is possible to change the default parameter for ndots.

      - name: ndots     
        value: "4"

so the /etc/resolv.conf in our pods will have: option ndots:4

Is there any possibility to change the pod spec or the resolv.conf within pods created by the runner.


We do expose some advanced kubernetes settings, including dns and ndots. You can see an example configuration here:

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It worked! Thank you for your help and quick reply!