CCM: Kubernetes connector View Cost button doesn't work

Problem Statement

As part of Cloud Integration user created a Kubernetes Cluster which is showing healthy but even after 24-48Hrs of creating the connector the View Costs button of the connector is greyed out.


Few things to check before we get to the actual solution :

  1. Check if you have the given the required permission Set Up Cloud Cost Management for Kubernetes - Docs
  2. In order to true up costs for K8S, we wait until CUR data is available too. This might take few Hrs.

Coming to Solution
If the above suggestions are already checked marked, we would suggest to check the delegate version. We need to update delegate to newer version 77611 or later.

At this point we should ensure that delegates are on 77611 or later version of delegate.

That’s all for this article Happy Building Deploying and much more with Harness :hatched_chick: