Capturing SAML SSO Errors

Troubleshooting SAML access is a difficult task. Sharing your SAML session with another party for troubleshooting purposes is even harder. This document walks you through steps to capture, troubleshoot and share SAML sessions

Step #1

Install the SAML-tracer Chrome browser extension

Step #2

Close all tabs in Chrome. Browse to

Step #3

Open the SAML-tracer plugin by clicking its icon in the Chrome toolbar

Step #4

Click the “X Clear” in the SAML Tracer plugin to start the trace

Step #5

Attempt the SAML login that we have issues with

Step #6

The last line in the SAML tracer plugin will show the error. Feel free to review it. You may find the solution there

Step #7

Use the Export button to create a capture file