Can't view build history when git source is offline

Bitbucket is down right now. Drone only shows “not found” at the top.

This isn’t a major thing, because you have bigger problems when your source repo is offline, but it would still be nice to have control to see build history.

I don’t use deployment targets but this might be something that is impacted. Deployments should work if the git source is offline.

I didn’t want to create a defect - but just report it here as I’m guessing this is a rare situation.

Drone sources your repository permissions from version control. It caches these permissions. If the permission cache has expired, and drone cannot communicate with version control to verify access (e.g. because bitbucket is down) it will deny access, for security purposes.

I guess my thought was you should still see history but I forgot that your
user comes directly from version control. Ok thanks!