Can't start a new build

Go to repository builds page, click [+ New Build] button and create a new build. UI notice shows success, no build starts.

Post request was sent to /api/repos/foo/bar/builds?branch=main, response status code 200, no response body(null)

Browser console reported error

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')




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Hi @maoxuner were you able to get through this issue? if not, I will recommend you to refer this doc and work on it from scratch.

Do not hesitate to ASK for any further queries.


Thank you. I’m still sufferring from it. The doc helps nothing. :sob:

In my condition, builds can start through webhooks. But they can’t start by manual click on the [+ new build] button.

@maoxuner got it! Let me find a solution for this and get back to you.


@maoxuner this might be the reason for the issue:

Create a build using the latest commit for the specified branch. Please note the resulting build is created with event type custom .

This doc should help with that: Build Create | Drone

You can get some details in this doc too: Can't manually create new builds from Drone Web App or CLI - Drone


This is exactly what i want! Thank you very very much!

I think there should be some hints on page. Evey time I submitted new build form, page notification says success, but no build or error message shows. It confused me a lot.

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@maoxuner Glad that it helped you :innocent: Feel free to ping us for any need :smile:

Sure I will take this to the team and bring it to the action.

Thanks for your feedback!