Can't seem to authenticate with GitHub


I’m trying Drone Cloud for the first time and was planning to authorize with GitHub account called lf-edge-eve. Unfortunately, I immediately get: Login Failed. Cannot verify user authenticity.

Looking for what happened on the GitHub side, I see that has correctly created an Authorized OAuth App with the following settings:


Access public repositories

Read org and team membership, read org projects

Access user email addresses (read-only)

Can anyone please look into this?


Hi Roman,

Unfortunately bots and bitcoin miners try to take advantage of our free compute, so Drone has some protections in place to reject these accounts if it cannot verify their authenticity. Drone looks at a number of data points, including age of the account and public activity. In this case it appears the account you are using to authenticate is being flagged.

Hey @bradrydzewski – any chance you can manually allow this account to go ahead? It is being setup to build Linux Foundation Edge projects:

LF Edge is a pretty new organization (and that’s why the account is so new). We are looking to try Drone for our ARM build infrastructure.

We can’t use a ‘human’ account for this – since it has to be a build bot (that’s how Linux Foundation Infra is setup)

Any chance you can help unblock this?


Hi Roman, sure, we can take a look and try to manually resolve. We will post back to this thread once we have a status update to share.

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Any updates on this so far @bradrydzewski ?

thanks for the reminder, just added the account

Thanks @bradrydzewski ! Do I need to remove the GitHub Drone app and re-do the initial sign in?

Hi @bradrydzewski. I have the same issue with my new github account y-lobau. Is it possible to resolve the issue for me as well please?

Hi @bradrydzewski we have the same issue. (But our account is, in a way, a bot.)

We created a new account conda-forge-drone-ci-bot to register our CIs for conda-forge but that is being flagged as a bot. Do you believe you can help us with that too?

Hi @bradrydzewski, could you please unlock this as well?


@robdaimler your account was enabled. I noticed there are no public repositories associated with your account … just a reminder that can only be used with public repositories. If you mean to test Drone with private repositories, you can install and run Drone on your own infrastructure using

Hope that helps!

Could someone please approve my account as well?

Hi @bradrydzewski , I have just created a new github account ‘ms81516’ and trying to authorize Drone with GitHub for the first time. I am having exactly the same issue with “Cannot verify user authenticity” message. Can you please unblock this user ID?

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can someone approve my account?


@bradrydzewski @ashwilliams1 I’m also getting same error - Cannot verify user authenticity
my githubaccount - vamshireddy479
can some one help to fix this issue pls.
Can someone pls unlock my account.

Cannot verify user authenticity — got the same error. And my account is floraxz, and can you please fix this for me?

I’m also having this issue on my newly created company account. Can someone unblock me? Github account is alex-machinify.