Can't manually create new builds from Drone Web App or CLI

Whenever I try to create a new build (both with the New Build button in the Web App and via drone build create in the CLI program) Drone tells me that the build has started, but then I’m never able to find the build in the future (the repo in question has no builds rn, and none show up on the Web App, and no builds show when running drone build ls username/repo).

Not sure how related it is (and haven’t been able to find anything on what might be causing it), but I’m getting this from the CLI right after I create the build:

Number: 0

Have you checked your drone server logs with debug mode enabled? See

The most common root cause is when you have a trigger section in your yaml that evaluates to false, however, the logs will ultimately tell you the exact reason.

Finally got the readable logs working (guess I didn’t know they existed before), and the error appears to be in here somewhere:

DEBU[0010] trigger: received                             commit=00eaf9ff3904b0e6de46633018d8699a395041ee event=custom ref=refs/heads/master repo=makedeb/makedeb-docker
DEBU[0013] trigger: yaml validation error: skip pipeline  commit=00eaf9ff3904b0e6de46633018d8699a395041ee event=custom ref=refs/heads/master repo=makedeb/makedeb-docker

The file is building from this config file, but I’m not seeing anything that’s pointing to what might be wrong.

That revealed the issue as usual - I had a validation extension that wasn’t allowing builds that used the custom type.

Though I really wish Drone was more verbose on that, especially from the command line where I only got that original output (If my memory’s serving me correctly the web UI was also still telling me the build successfully started).