Can't install on Windows Server 2019

Hello, I am getting this error on an AWS EC2 using Windows Server 2019 with containers:

PS C:\Users\Administrator> docker pull drone/drone:2
2: Pulling from drone/drone
no matching manifest for windows/amd64 10.0.17763 in the manifest list entries

It has the same security group as another server that has port 80 whitelisted (inbound and outbound).

I assume it is ether an error with my EC2 security group or with something like this "docker pull" fails in windows 10 · Issue #1100 · docker/for-win · GitHub Any help is welcomed here.

Update: this pull works, so it isn’t a security-group issue:
docker pull hello-world

We only publish docker images to run the drone server on linux; there is no windows image available.