Can't install Harness Delegate on free version of Azure/GCP

I was trying to deploy a tutorial docker image using Harness.
For this:

  1. I have made my docker image and put it in Docker Hub.
  2. Made a 1 node cluster on Azure, activated the yaml file for my pod.
  3. Downloaded the harness delegate yaml file and used : kubectl apply -f harness-delegate.yaml

Looked like the command was successful but I could not see my harness delegate in the Harness Manager dashboard. I found that delegate pod status is stuck at pending


I then read that harness needs a cluster of minimum 3 nodes, but we can only make a cluster of max 2 nodes on free versions of Azure/GCP.

Welcome to the Community, @samarth_singhal!

Most likely due to a resource constraint/limit thus Kubernetes is not placing the workload.

Can validate by describing the pod.

kubectl describe pods <your_pod> -n harness-delegate

Not sure how big each one of your AKS worker nodes are, but you are safe to tune down the resource limits in the harness-delegate.yaml to 4Gi if using for an example.




Thanks ravi, did not know resource limit could be turned down. Thanks for that.

Yesterday, I had installed the delegate using AWS. The student account had enough resources, and it was billed to my promotional credits.