Cannot make an accout on droneci

hi , i’m new there , and i wanted to use droneci as my ci tester , but after i logged into it , i got this error

Login Failed. Cannot verify user authenticity

there is any problem ??

Welcome to the forum, @bajiagle!

I know there is another thread around the GitHub account validation since Drone Cloud
is donated resources and protecting against bots with heuristics.

Potentially changing accounts with more activity / installing on-prem e.g not using Drone Cloud?



Hi, I have posted into that thread as well. Isnt there an option to just unlock my account? I had just created a github account for evaluating several ci/cd cloud solutions because my private gitblit server is not supported by most solutions. Therefore, it is quite new and still rather empty.

Hii @bradrydzewski I am also facing same problem, please help me out.