Cannot follow steps in drone (drone-server 1.0)

This error only seems to occur on my Windows workstation (with Firefox (67.0.2) and Chrome (71.0.3578.98)). But I would like to know, what might cause this.

When a pipeline is running and I click on the step that is currently running, the “output” screen does not show up and I cannot “follow” the output. The output screen “appears” (sometimes) as soon as the output has “finished” and the next step is starting or when I manually click on another step because I think, that the previous step should be finished long time ago.

On another Linux workstation (older firefox version there 60.7esr), there is no problem. I can follow the ouptut as designed.

One further thing to note…my windows workstation is in another subnet. The drone-agent and the one workstation (that can follow) are in the same subnet.

What could cause such an issue on my workstation? I currently don’t get it.

Thanks for any help and hints.