Cannot find .drone.yml in refs/heads/master:


I just deployed Drone CI in a fresh cluster, and created a new .drone.yml file in our git repo:

kind: pipeline
name: project

    image: plugins/docker
    auto_tag: true
    repo: example/project
    - dockerfile: Dockerfile
    secrets: [ docker_username, docker_password ]

(and set up the secrets under the repositories)

But the webhook from BitBucket times out, and in the server log, I get the error message.

Which version of drone are you using?

Unrelated to the error, a few things that jumped out with your yaml. I noticed the yaml that you copy/pasted above is invalid. If you run it thought a yaml validator you will get an error:


while parsing a block mapping
  in "<unicode string>", line 6, column 5:
        image: plugins/docker
expected <block end>, but found '-'
  in "<unicode string>", line 9, column 5:
        - dockerfile: Dockerfile

I also noticed you seem to be mixing syntax from 0.8 and 0.9 in your yaml file. So once you resolve the yaml parsing issues, make sure you align your syntax with the version of Drone you are using.

and set up the secrets under the repositories

This makes me think you are using 0.8, because in 0.9 secrets are encrypted in the yaml

Hi! Thanks for responding…

I’m using this Docker image:

Thanks, i fixed the bugs in the yaml

But I also noticed I had called the file .done.yaml instead of .drone.yaml :grimacing: