Cannot execute deployment after downgrade to Community Edition

Hello, new Harness user here. I have been working on going through the Quick Start Setup Guide, but unfortunately the trial period expired and I am unable to deploy the sample application. When I try to deploy, I get this:

Workflow test is using Professional features (Flow controls, approval integrations, templates, etc.).

Test is a workflow I created of type Rolling Deployment. I added nothing else to the workflow. What else must I remove to make this work, or is Rolling Deployment type workflow not supported in the community edition?

@mamullen13316 welcome to the forum and thanks for pointing that out.
We noticed that also and making some changes in the upcoming days to resolve downgrade scenarios.

Mind re-running on Friday?



Absolutely will do, thanks for the quick reply!

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Hi @mamullen13316, the update has been shipped. Please try again and let us know your results!

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