Cannot deploy to MySQL cluster with galera or group replication

Due to the missing primary key on the migrations table, attempting to create the table during drone initialization fails, rejected by the server - issue #2771 mentions this (also here), and #2772 attempted fix this by submitting a naive patch against the generated ddl_gen.go file.

The actual fix is to require a version of togo with applied, and re-generate the ddl files.

This issue blocks installation of drone in environments with replicated mysql servers.

Posting here as the Github issue template told me I should not submit an issue without doing this first.

PS - I would have directly linked the relevant issues, but discourse won’t let me include more than 2 links.

in drone documents says mysql is not recommended.
use postgreSQL instead of mysql.

I have an existing MySQL cluster, I do not have an existing PostgreSQL cluster, nor do I have the domain knowledge to support one. I imagine this problem will continue to be reported until it’s fixed.

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