Can you add an arm64 image for the kaniko plugin?


We’d like to use the kaniko plugin (GitHub - drone/drone-kaniko: Drone plugin for building and publishing Docker images) on our arm64 machines. I don’t see an available image today: Docker Hub

Is it possible to create an image for that arch as well?


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hey hey @mildebrandt let’s see what I can find out for you.

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Hi @Marie_Antons! Thought I’d check up on this one. How’s it looking?

It looks like there are already arm64 Dockerfiles but they are not being built/published in .drone.yml.

Maybe it would be easy to submit a pull request adding them?

I’d be happy to submit a PR. First, it seems that there’s some history that I don’t know about. Why are there two separate images being created…one with the 1.6.0 executor, and one with the 1.8.1 executor? There isn’t a 1.8.1 Dockerfile for ARM, I’m assuming I’d need to create that as well…is that correct?


Looks like this has been completed with the 1.6.5 release. Thanks!