Can we make jsonnet extension's enabled or disabled per repositories?

I tried to use jsonnet extension and found that jsonnet extension is enabled for all repositories and
I can’t make it disabled per repositories.
If jsonnet extension is enabled and a file .drone.jsonnet is not found, the build seems not to be run even if the file .drone.yml exists.
I propose we should make jsonnet extension’s enabled or disabled per repositories at web UI’s repository settings.

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jsonnet is supported by an external plugin, s we would not add configuration parameters for external plugins in the drone user-interface. I think the solution to this issue, however, is much simpler.

we can just add this to the plugin:

if !strings.HasSuffix(req.Repo.Config, ".jsonnet") {
  return nil, nil

If the file does not have a jsonnet suffix, a nil value is returned. This will instruct drone to fallback to the default yaml file.

Thank you for your reply.
It’s good idea.
I will send a pull request to .

In case the version 0.9, it is difficult to treat because the configuration file path is always empty.
Do you have any good idea?

this was already fixed in 0.9 / 1.0 and can be removed.

Oh, I see.
I have removed them and send the PR.