Can I set a github team as DRONE_ADMIN

I looked around in 0.8 docs and could not see anything specifically relating to teams. I don’t want to go and have to manage team members in 2 locations if possible. Is this possible?

this is not something that Drone handles natively. I’ve been wanting to create a small utility that synchronizes drone users and github teams, but was not sure if there was any interest …


count me in, also “if you build it (and document it :wink:) , they will come” probably applies.

I’ve asked me the same question a few days ago, but I would say this is only triggered by my lazyness :slight_smile: Is a nice to have.

I wouldn’t say it’s laziness (though what’s wrong with that? :smiley:). Its just trying to manage less things. drone already knows about github orgs so it seems to make sense to extend out to DRONE_ADMINs and also to github teams.