Can builds be triggered only when specific files/folders are updated?

I’m trying to get Drone CI up and going for auto building and deployment of Debian packages to a repository. While it pretty much works, it’s a bit of a pain watching it keep rebuilding any time any file is changed in the repository(such as the, or even the .drone.yml file itself).

Getting back to the title then - is there any way I can restrict triggers to only happen when specific files/folders have changed?

I saw some stuff here, but the post is a couple years old, and the link mentioned in the first comment mentions a GitHub issue about it, but it looks like it just goes to a dead link.

This is supported through extensions. There are two popular extensions that provide two very different solutions. Here are links to the extensions so you can research further and choose the one that best suits your needs:

First one looks great! Thanks :smiley:

Hi Sir,

Since we’ve already define CONVERT extensions for our internal use, do you recommend to use drone-tree-config instead? Since it use CONFIGURATION Extension instead. Or drone doesn’t support to trigger multiple extension concurrently and we need to integrate both extension together? Thanks