Can anyone help me the meaning of the error am seeing at git connector

My aim is to use the add the source code repo’s in connectors . In future to use the terraform repo’s from the source code repositories. I’m facing below issue . Could someone help me.

Invalid request: Invalid request: No eligible delegates could perform the required capabilities for this task: [ GIT: ] - The capabilities were tested by the following delegates: [ k8s-delegate-tbvvbi-0 ] - Following delegates were validating but never returned: - Other delegates (if any) may have been offline or were not eligible due to tag or scope restrictions.

Thank you.

Welcome to the Harness Community!

Conceptually, Harness currently runs off a concept of Delegates; imagine these as worker nodes performing work on your behalf. Delegates can have different capabilities, scoping, and scaling attributes. Delegates can also be used as bastion hosts also.

For some reason, a Delegate with GIT capability is not available. Potential causes is that a Delegate for security reasons is not scoped for that type of workload.

Just for reference:


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Hi @Rajeswari ! Another common issue is that the delegate doesn’t have network connectivity your on-prem git or that your credentials are incorrect. Feel free to reach out to and we can help you troubleshoot it. Cheers!

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One common issue that I’ve seen @Rajeswari is that the SSH key used to connect to Git is OpenSSH and not RSA. A few things to check:

Create an RSA key using the ssh-keygen -t rsa -m PEM as described here.

Also, when you add the Key to Harness Secret Manager, make sure that the username is git, rather than your username.

The last thing to check is to make sure that you have the appropriate clone URL in the Source Repo connector.

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