Can any one tell meaning of the error am seeing at deploy stage

My aim is to deploy a file in jfrog in one AWS EC2 instance in which harness daemon is copied and up!

Error “No eligible delegates could perform the required capabilities for this COMMAND task: [ ] - The capabilities were tested by the following delegates: [ ip-10-0-46-3.ec2.internal ]

Am not getting above error. please explain !

FYI under Application Overview > Services > Service Overview > Deployment Specification >only Copy Artifact module is there.


Hope you are well.

Could you tell us a little more about the workflow? Are you trying to deploy an artifact into Artifactory and to an EC2 instance post artifact creation?

At the surface sounds like an IAM/permission issue.

Your AWS Account permissions set up ok?



Also one of my colleagues @sneakyaneurysm suggested:

“If the Delegate is in the same EC2 instance, they need to set up the EC2 as a Physical Data Center Cloud Provider and then deploy to localhost in the Environments Service Infrastructure“

for time being I gave even full admin access and gave a try but no luck also added node has been found working when “Tested”.

Sorry I totally didnt get it ! Are you trying to explain Delegate & Hosts(lists under nodes) are different ? My delegate server listed under Hosts so I choose it.

Hello Ravi,

Thanks for your time. I got the issue ! In the SSH the pem file I passed under Secrets Management not picked properly . for testing the connectivity a small box appeared asking to enter hostname passing same was failing but i dint understood the error because ERRORS are not handled well throughout.
For testing purpose I created and used username and password for same secret and tested the hostname appeared on Setup >
Harness Delegates and found test passed.(Documentation is not at all clear not only w.r.t hostname understanding nor even the videos informative)

Glad you got it working!

Feel free to post some screen caps also.



Correct. Potentially can deploy to the same EC2 instance which the Harness Delegate is running but personally I would not do that.

Hi Team can anyone tell me the meaning of this error
"None of the active delegates were eligible to complete the task. ===> f2c9ecd013fb: “Missing Capabilities: ” ===> helm-delegate-db6579c45-vg9bw: “Missing Capabilities:

I create ec2 instance in that i install delegate using kubernetes and also i install httpd server ther to deploy war file ,if i try to create environment in that verify connection i m getting error
can any one provide me solution

Thanks in advance