Burp Suite - Export Results

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Exporting Burp results XML File for Import into ZeroNorth. If you have existing Burp DAST scans and would like to import that data into ZeroNorth for viewing the data in the various ZeroNorth dashboard along with related Issues, follow the steps below.

Exporting the Results XML from Burp

  1. Highlight all issues from the scan results display by clicking on a row in the Issues panel and using your Select All (Ctrl-A or Cmd-A).
  2. Right click and select Report Selected Issues .
  3. Select XML .
  4. Check all report options.
  5. Choose Include Relevant Extract for both requests and responses.
  6. Check all Issue Types.
  7. Enter a name for the export file.
  8. Click Next to save your XML report.

Importing the Burp XML file to ZeroNorth

This is done by performing an upload of the file to ZeroNorth. The scanning-tool-independent procedure for this is described the related KB article Manual Upload of Scan Results .