Bulding from sources

I have been using Drone for a while with my personal Gitea server (works great), and I have a couple of questions.
I usually compile from source, and usually from a git checkout (I do this with some other software too); but I’m not sure I’m doing it the right way.

This is what I have been doing:

cd ~/go/src/github.com/drone/drone
git pull
cd ~/go/src
go build -o drone-agent github.com/drone/drone/cmd/drone-agent/
go build -o drone-agent github.com/drone/drone/cmd/drone-server/

Then a script will the binaries in ~/go/src and put them in a docker image.
The server I am using runs Debian testing.

  • Is this the proper way to do this? Will it always, work, and am I missing something? (As far as I can see, it works)
  • I know that there is a drone-ui repository in github, which has code for a user interface. Is it already included when I build the agent and server the way I did, or do I get anything extra when I use it? (I couldn’t use it, because the instructions in README.md did not work: yarn install fails with “No such file or directory: 'install'
  • When I compile from a github checkout, as I did, which edition am I using? The LICENSE file mentions different instructions for the two editions (community and enterprise), but those did not work for me. I would like to build the community edition, but I believe I’m building the enterprise edition. (I know the enterprise edition is free for individuals and for Gitea only, but even then, I’d rather use the community edition)