Builds takes 2 min to show up after github webhook


We are running a Drone v0.8 and there is times when Drone does not even register jobs as pending even though Github has delivered a webhook.

Latest example is:

and when it was picked up

What can be the reason the job was not showed right after the github webhook was delivered?

are you sure this is not related to the github outage that is happening right now, which impacts notifications and webhook delivery?

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Yes, because drone returned a 200 and it says it was completed in 3.99 second.

And as showed it does not show up in the UI before 14:56

even though it was delivered 14:52:12

And it is not something I discover afterwards, I commit, then I go to drone and I can’t see the build even queued, then I go back, see that is has been pushed, go in a check the github webhook log, see that it has been delivered. Finally it shows up and begins to build, a mere minutes later :open_mouth:

  id: 1847,
  number: 21,
  parent: 0,
  event: "push",
  status: "pending",
  error: "",
  enqueued_at: 1552402493,
  created_at: 1552402493,
  started_at: 0,
  finished_at: 0,
  deploy_to: "",
  commit: "3733409521181ac0bb59970f2604ce3xxxxxx",
  branch: "master",
  ref: "refs/heads/master",
  refspec: "",
  remote: "",
  title: "",
  message: "xxxxx",
  timestamp: 0,
  sender: "kevinsimper",
  author: "kevinsimper",
  author_avatar: "",
  author_email: "",
  signed: false,
  verified: true,
  reviewed_by: "",
  reviewed_at: 0

hmm, sorry, I have never observed this behavior and I’m no longer using 0.8

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Hmm, that is okay, I also just wanted to create it because it could be that other had experienced and there was a explaination, you never know!

Thanks for the answers! :slight_smile: